Build Great Content Marketing with Lego and Kevin Spacey

After Kevin Spacey’s inspiring speech at this year’s Content Marketing World in Ohio, we’ve put together some top tips on creating great content in such a crowded market.

Spacey may seem like an unusual choice to be a guest speaker at a marketing event, but the Oscar-winning actor’s message is an important one for marketers to take note of.

Creating compelling content is like telling a story, which Spacey is an expert in. He says great stories are made up of three elements, Conflict, Audience and Authenticity, and that keeping these in mind when writing content helps engage readers. Ellen Gipko from Search Engine Land has more on Spacey’s advice here.



Why is Content a Big Deal?

The importance of high-quality content marketing has been stated time and time again for years. This goes back to long before the Internet, and is just as true today as it was back then.

Creating unique, relevant and interesting content is a great way of reaching your target audience and interacting with customers. However, this is only a successful marketing strategy if your content is engaging and reaches audiences.

Some companies focus on driving their copy through outdated SEO tactics, rather than focusing on great content that people want to see. See Moz’s 2014 Searchmetrics Ranking Guide for more advice on this.

Targeting Readers Makes Google Happy


keep google happy

It’s not just the customers that will appreciate your great content. For years, Google have been improving their search algorithms, displaying content that’s more relevant to users. This process is becoming more intelligent and sophisticated, with a much greater emphasis placed on quality, rather than quantity.

Search engines provide a service, finding users the information they are looking for. The better the information the search engine provides, the better it is perceived by users. Hence why Google has begun penalising sites with low quality content and ranking websites with relevant and interesting content highly.

Content Marketing Helps Your Brand

Quality content can also act as a tool to help you sell products. Providing customers with information on products or services can help alleviate doubts and aid the consumer decision process.

To sum it up, content on a website is simply a way of creating a relationship with your audience. This then leads to consumer trust and dramatically improves brand loyalty. Content marketing goes beyond boosting sales – it improves brand equity.

Great Content Needs Great Promotion

Of course, great content is one thing. But if no one is reading it, then it’s next to useless. Once created, your content needs to be marketed.

With new content, you should consider four key points:

  • The medium the content is going to be published on/distributed through
  • The targeted audience and how they will perceive your content
  • Why people will read and share it
  • How the audience will find the content

Establishing a strong promotion strategy for content, no matter what the content is, will always improve its effect.

Superb Success Stories

the lego movie logo

Lego recently released a film, The Lego Movie. It was wildly successful, and attracted great reviews. But that’s not all. The Lego Movie is an excellent example of great content marketing. Not only was it a very long promotion for a toy product that people actively wanted to watch and engage with, people actually paid to watch it. There are very few marketing campaigns that people pay to be exposed to.

And it seems to have worked. Lego recently became the largest toy company in the world, and The Lego Movie helped achieve this. They created high-quality, engaging, and highly targeted content, which people loved.

Epic Content Fails

When reading articles on trusted sites such as The Daily Mail, you’ll reach the bottom and probably see a section entitled “Stories from around the Web” or something similar. Clicking on these links takes you away from your trusted site, and off elsewhere.

These links often feature sensationalist titles, may be very old stories, and differ wildly from the title. This is an excellent example of bad content marketing, because it can irritate readers and devalue the respected, original website.

This is because readers feel the content is not relevant to them, and that their original site has mislead them. While hosting links like this can bring in revenue, it is not worth the risk of alienating your existing audience. As Louis Gudema from E-Consultancy points out, publishers need to have respect for their sites and their readers.

Spacey’s Steps to Content Success

The importance of creating content and promoting it is well documented. So how can you stand out with so much content being published every day?

Making use of the three elements that Spacy said were integral to storytelling can give your content the edge.

  1. Conflict is about going against the trend and taking risks. This means that you don’t just mimic what industry rivals do, but instead create your own fresh, unique content.
  2. Audience is the target for content marketing, so content has to appeal to them. You have to understand what the audience is looking for, and make the content relevant and interesting for them.
  3. Authenticity is what makes content more appealing. Because content creates a relationship between readers and your company, it has to reflect the genuine personality of your brand. Making your connection with audiences authentic is an excellent way to stand out from the competition and foster loyalty.

Keeping these elements in mind when creating your content will help you stand out and keep your readers engaged.

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