Case Studies

Real life tales of marketing success, from email and SEO to online ads and more.

Case Studies

Knowing a lot about marketing is one thing – putting that knowledge into practice is something else. Take a look at our case studies for recent examples of successful campaigns. We turn marketing theory into tangible results.

We can’t share everything we do, but when clients are kind enough to let us tell their stories, who are we to say no?

Blakeney Cottage Company logo

Blakeney Cottage Company | Social Media and Competitions

‘How do I increase my social following?’ Is a question businesses ask us a lot, thankfully there are many tried and tested strategies to choose from – a competition is one of the most popular. Offering luxury holiday accommodation along the North Norfolk coast, The Blakeney Cottage Company wanted to increase their social media followers and email subscribers…. A competition…
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caremark logo

Caremark Franchises | Google AdWords Management

Caremark is a well-established and trusted home care provider. Caremark offers a range of services to their customers including live-in care, personal support and home help. As a company, Caremark have developed a reputation for providing outstanding care at home through over 25 years of experience in the home care sector. Caremark was officially established in 2005, and has been…
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ID Band Company Logo

The ID Band Company | Multi-Channel Marketing for E-commerce

There are plenty of marketing opportunities out there for people with e-commerce websites, but what happens when you haven’t got time to pursue them? That was the case for medical ID jewellery supplier The ID Band Company, who came to us in 2012 wanting to expand their reach and stand out in a competitive B2C market. We’ve been working with…
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Euronics logo

Euronics | Multi-Channel Marketing

Communicating with customers in a variety of ways means they’re more likely to notice and interact with your brand. Get more from your marketing budget by combining media like web content, emails, social media, print, online advertising and TV. The multi-channel approach works because the combined effect is greater than the sum of its parts. And customers like it too.…
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Nexxia logo

Nexxia Audio Solutions | Building Trust Online with Reviews

When people shop online, they’re far more likely to buy from someone they trust. If your brand is a household name, you might have that trust already, but smaller businesses have to work hard to earn it. Having a well-designed website that’s easy to use is one way to build credibility. Adding seals and badges to show off your credentials…
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4RS Business Recovery

4R Business Recovery | B2B Email Marketing

Sometimes, marketing is about trying different tactics and seeing what works for you. Or more importantly, for your audience. This could mean trying new, innovative strategies that are cutting-edge, or using tried and trusted methods that marketers have always relied on. In this instance email marketing was used to help our client develop new leads and offer their services to a…
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Tracks Direct Logo

Tracks-Direct | Content Marketing for E-Commerce

It can be tough running an e-commerce site. But if you have something unique that sets you apart from the competition, creating a marketing strategy is a whole lot easier. Every marketing plan should include content creation. Content adds an extra element to your brand, gives you an edge over competitors and helps engage your audience. With an ecommerce site,…
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Rug Doctor Logo

Rug Doctor | Beyond Brand Search (SEO)

What happens when you have plenty of people arriving on your website, but most of them already know who you are? How do you reach more people and increase the number of new visitors? This is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes in. Establishing a clear SEO strategy can dramatically boost your organic web traffic, bringing new customers to your website…
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