Google AdWords Management – Prices and Enquiries

Find out what our services cost. Then think how much value they could add to your business.

Google AdWords Management – Prices and Enquiries

Get your AdWords managed by the experts!

Our team of professionals will manage your AdWords account, reducing your costs and increasing your ROI. Get more for your advertising budget with Mitra’s PPC Management.

We offer a range of packages, from Basic to Premium.

Monthly Management Packages
Ad Spend Basic Standard Premium
Up to £500 £50 £100 £200
Up to £2,000 £150 £300 £400
Up to £4,000 £200 £400 £800
Over 5% of Ad Spend 10% of Ad Spend 20% of Ad Spend

We also offer a Bespoke package, tailored exactly to your PPC requirements. Prices on enquiry. For more information about any of our packages please contact us and our team will be happy to help.

Please consider these questions when selecting a service level:

  • How many Campaigns and Ad Groups do you need?
  • Do you need Shopping Ads?
  • Do you need Remarketing?
  • Do you need only Google or Bing as well?
  • What Adwords Extensions do you need?
  • How sophisticated are your competitors?
  • How healthy is your Account now?
  • How quickly do you need to make progress?
  • And of course your budget.

We are always happy to discuss requirements and advise the most suitable service.

How it works

  1. Set Up
    For existing campaigns we’ll import your campaign data and begin optimising right away. For new campaigns, we’ll define target keywords and create quality ads
  2. Optimise
    Our experts dig in to the details of your campaign each week to optimize your spend so that you are receiving only the best clicks to your website.
  3. Review and Repeat
    We continually monitor your campaign each month making any adjustments that can help optimise your campaign spend. You’ll receive a monthly report that details your campaign’s performance.

Whether you have an existing PPC campaign running or you are looking to get started with AdWords, our Managed PPC service can help your business grow online. Our pay-per-click professionals will optimise your spend to ensure that you are getting the best cost-per-click and targeting the keywords that provide the highest conversion rates.

New Campaigns

If you’re looking to start a new PPC campaign our team will determine the best keywords to target, write ads and optimise your bidding strategy to ensure you get the best return on investment possible.

Existing Campaigns

If you have an existing PPC campaign running, we can help optimise your spend. Our experts will analyse your campaign’s performance and make adjustments that will help improve your results.

Targeted Traffic

An optimised PPC campaign will drive targeted traffic to your website. If people are searching for your business or service online our Managed PPC campaigns will make sure that you’ll be found in the search results.

Increase Your ROI

Our Managed PPC service will help you increase your return on investment. Our PPC team is full of experts who will identify which keywords are underperforming and which keywords are bringing you the most conversions. Once we identify these patterns, we’ll make the proper adjustments to maximize your results.


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