Managing your PPCCampaigns

Use Google AdWords, improve your online visibility and get to the top of the search engines with a strategically planned PPC campaign.

Google AdWords and PPC

Improving your visibility and getting your business to the top of the Google ratings is always one of the key goals in digital marketing and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Robust visibility on Google and other search engines such as Bing can lead to a strong Return on Investment (ROI). Paid search or pay per click services (PPC) can help you enhance your visibility online especially if you need immediate results.

Search engine advertising and SEM can be a confusing business. There is no doubt that PPC or Pay Per Click services and campaigns will lead to guaranteed visibility and a strong ROI but knowledge on keyword searches, rising bid costs and the development of mobile can all complicate your paid search campaign.

Get found on Google

Our digital experts form a PPC Agency which can help you develop a strong mix of functions right across the digital platform incorporating the use of mobile and PPC. If you are unsure of how PPC works, we can manage your entire campaign from set up to keyword research, expansion, overhauling your current campaigns, copy, bid management and landing pages.

We can even do callouts for you to get your unique selling point to the forefront of your campaign quickly and efficiently.

Our PPC agency experts can even monitor your paid advertising campaign’s progress to make sure that it is operating to its highest potential so you can achieve your online marketing objectives.

Google AdWords and Bing Partner agency certification

Mitra Marketing is Google Partner and Bing certified. Our PPC agency experts are Google certified.

It means that we are qualified, we manage Google AdWords accounts with a good advertising spend, we maintain best practice and we have a great track record in performance and customer care.

We are proud of our success in the digital marketing sector.

You will receive regular calls with your account manager so you can chart your digital marketing progress making it easier for you to see the ongoing improvements of your paid search campaign.

We can help get your organisation noticed online. For further information, take a look at one of our case studies.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

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