Multi-channel marketing – the good
old fashioned way

We use state-of-the-art techniques to bring traditional marketing skills into the 21st century and that means offering our clients top-quality planning, strategy and execution.


Content Marketing

Whether you operate as a B2B or a B2C organisation, creating engaging, intelligent copy is a core element in the development of any business. Who would invest in a business where content and copy is complicated, poorly written or dull? Let us help you find your voice by selecting the right tone for your product or service so that it will appeal to a much wider demographic of your company’s target audience.

Creative Design and Development


Our experienced team of creatives at Mitra Marketing will give you all the help you need to build on your ideas in order to develop them into a tangible, easy-to-understand promotional tool.


SEO and Digital


We are not just about making your website look prettier, we want to make it more engaging. This means it will work more effectively and in search terms, it will be easier to find.


Careful strategic planning can help you achieve great results every time. Contact Us