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We can help you get creative and produce a video that you will love! Most people watch at least one online video a day so it is no surprise that video is becoming a key element in any digital marketing plan.

Video marketing

When it comes to digital marketing we are facing a social media video sharing revolution. With more than 100 million internet users viewing an online video every day it is no surprise that video is fast becoming an essential part of any digital marketing plan.

Getting your message across quickly and simply is the key. We can help businesses raise their profile with a professional video created especially for websites such as Youtube, Vimeo and Vine.

Youtube is probably the best-known website for short personal videos and a number of businesses have either directly or indirectly successfully managed to tap into today’s viral video phenomenon. Another online video platform Vimeo tends to be more focused on business use while social media site Vine allows users to upload short seven second videos offering spontaneity and creativity.

The perfect video: from the initial idea to the final edit

Creating the perfect video content for your business is all about understanding your audience.

At Mitra we are able to help you come up with the right video for your business carefully aimed at your target audience from the initial concept right through to script writing, design, production and editing.

Video marketing can help you produce an attention-grabbing centrepiece for your digital platform offering a great way to enhance your online content while giving your company a really slick, professional outlook.

Streamlining your video marketing campaign

We can help you work out who you want to talk to, how to grab their attention and discover what they really care about so you can streamline your video marketing campaign.

Coming up with a great idea for video content can be challenging but whatever the subject matter we can create a script that conveys your message beautifully.

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