Top Tips for Your Email Marketing Lists

Email Marketing

Email is an extremely powerful marketing tool, but only if you build and maintain your database correctly. Could you be doing more? Discover how you can upgrade your email list with our top tips. Read more here.

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Exciting New AdWords Updates – Are You PPC Ready?

PPC work

In the ever-changing world of Google, we’re always anticipating the next new feature or update. So, it comes as no surprise that they’re making many changes to AdWords throughout 2016. This article covers some of the exciting (and game changing!) AdWords highlights for PPC marketers this year.

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Twitter’s new character count: what’s really changing?

Twitter birds

Twitter has announced that they’re making some interesting changes to their character count. This is great news for social media marketers! Before you start thinking about the extra-long tweets you’ll be broadcasting, it’s important to note that the character count will stay the same – it’s what you can do within the 140 characters that’s changing.

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How to Use Customer Testimonials Effectively on a Website

Mitra blog

Having testimonials from customers is hugely important to any business, big or small, selling services or products in a B2B or B2C environment. They help to increase trust in your brand and products, improve customer retention, promote your brand and give an insight into the customer experience.

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The Ideal Length of Everything Online

The Internet is a Zoo

This fun Infographic shows the ideal length of tweets, blog posts and headlines; thank you Buffer. If you’d like a high resolution version for printing that’s over on the SumAll blog.

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Why You Should Be On Instagram, Probably

Are you on the Right Social Networks? What’s the second biggest social network? Nope, it’s not Twitter – not any more. Since December 2014, the number two has been Instagram, with a whopping 300 million active monthly users worldwide. For a number of years now, many companies have been focussing their social media efforts on…

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The Benefits of Blogging for Business

5 Reasons Your Business Should Blog Ever since David Winer invented the blog in October 1994, it’s become a more and more popular medium for sharing content, thoughts and information. Most companies these days have a vague feeling they should have a blog or news page – and they should. But a lot of people…

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