Internal Links Avoid Content Cannibalisation

Link chain

External Links Earning quality, relevant links is one of the most important elements of digital marketing. In the dark days of SEO past this led to companies setting up link farms to cheat the system. Today this is bad practice and Google takes a very dim view of it. Modern SEO is about ensuring your…

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Will Switching to HTTPS Boost My SEO?

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Will Switching to HTTPS Boost My SEO? Leading social media scheduling app Buffer, recently announced a 90% drop in traffic after switching their site to HTTPS. The move came after Google announced in August this year that sites moving to secure servers would get a slight boost in rankings. How Does the New Ranking Signal…

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Google’s New Adwords Feature – Callouts

Google Adwords

Google’s New AdWords Feature – Callouts You know what makes you stand out from the competition, but does everyone else? The new AdWords feature from Google really helps show off a company’s unique benefits and offers – Callouts. Callouts are an AdWords Extension

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Twitter Users’ Biggest Blunders

Twitter bird cartoon

To tweet or not to tweet? A lot of articles have been written about mistakes made by tweeters in Twitterland and the way tweeters communicate. The good news is that tweets in general have a relatively short lifespan. The bad news is that occasionally

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Who’s Afraid of Google’s Penguin 3.0 Update?


Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Penguin? Once upon a time, it was possible to make websites achieve good rankings in the search results by pointing lots of low quality links at them. Then, in April 2012, Google waved their magic wand and – POOF – those sites were penalised. It was called the Penguin…

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