Want to captivate a crowd? A clever name is one thing, but the real decision-maker is the presentation. Whether you’re starting up or going through a brand refresh, we can help you with your logo and branding materials.

Branding Services

It’s essential that your brand’s presentation communicates its values. We will research every aspect from start to finish, and find the USPs that set you apart from the masses. Then, our team of creatives will suggest a range of concepts to build your brand’s reputation. Whether you’re after snappy slogans, vivid colours or eye-catching artwork, our team will put together the perfect package for your business.

Types of Branding

So what types of branding do we work on?

Corporate branding – this is crucial to any company, as a successful brand builds trust and reliability amongst your target audience. We don’t just look at the here and now – we look at the future too, so you can be sure your company will succeed in years to come.

Rebranding – need to feed a bit of life back into your business? At Mitra, we work closely with you to create a new brand that’s targeted, flexible and shows off your business in its finest light. We’ll also help with the implementation across all your marketing materials to make the transition as pain-free as possible.

Brand positioning – who’s your target audience and what do they look for? What kind of emotions do they experience, and where else do they shop? With your objectives in mind, we’ll make sure your brand is reaching the right people at the right time.

Product branding – you can have the best product, but if it isn’t branded correctly, you won’t be able to tap into the right people. Think about your favourite products. What is it about the branding that keeps you attached? We use marketing psychology to trigger your audience’s emotions, keeping them relevant and in touch with your brand’s values.

Branding guidelines – use multiple marketing channels? Need to keep your brand consistent across all of them? We’ll help you create a core set of brand guidelines, so you can be sure you’re sending consumers the right message across your print and digital marketing.

Logo Design

The importance of logos is underestimated. If you’ve ever played the Logo Game, you’ll know how important they really are!

Want an attention-grabbing sign? What about transport? Letterheads? Digital banners?

Your logo will travel everywhere with your business, so it has to make a lasting impression. Our dedicated team of designers will work closely with you to create a logo that makes you stand out. The simplest of things can set you apart from the competition!

Logo Design Package

We work closely with a range of clients, including startups, entrepreneurs, national brands, local businesses and charities.

What will be included in your package?

Concepts – a range of logo design concepts.

Revisions – unlimited revisions and tweaks on your preferred concept.

Formats – different final file formats for your logo design.

100% ownership – full ownership and copyright on receipt of the final logo design.

Branding & Logos - Free Consultation 

We enjoy creating things that people love. Looking to start a new business? Think your brand is in need of a well-deserved makeover? Then get in touch today to arrange your free consultation on how we can help you.


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