Category: Social Media

  • Twitter’s new character count: what’s really changing?

    Twitter has announced that they’re making some interesting changes to their character count. This is great news for social media marketers! Before you start thinking about the extra-long tweets you’ll be broadcasting, it’s important to note that the character count will stay the same – it’s what you can do within the 140 characters that’s…

  • The Ideal Length of Everything Online

    This fun Infographic shows the ideal length of tweets, blog posts and headlines; thank you Buffer. If you’d like a high resolution version for printing that’s over on the SumAll blog.

  • Why You Should Be On Instagram, Probably

    Are you on the Right Social Networks? What’s the second biggest social network? Nope, it’s not Twitter – not any more. Since December 2014, the number two has been Instagram, with a whopping 300 million active monthly users worldwide. For a number of years now, many companies have been focussing their social media efforts on…

  • Twitter Users’ Biggest Blunders

    To tweet or not to tweet? A lot of articles have been written about mistakes made by tweeters in Twitterland and the way tweeters communicate. The good news is that tweets in general have a relatively short lifespan. The bad news is that occasionally