There’s nothing more powerful than an exciting piece of content. Create something unique, and it’ll drive conversations across your entire consumer base.

How Does It Work?

Content doesn’t just get people talking – Google loves it too. Produce something amazing, and you’ll see your rankings rise. Our core focuses are your business’ audience, objectives and engagement. From that, we can create something that’s in touch with your brand’s identity and goals.

Why Mitra?

Creativity is one of our most valued assets. Every Mitra individual has that innovative edge, and we encourage ideas from all areas of the business.

Choose us, and we’ll come up with a tailor-made strategy from an ocean of ideas, to produce and amplify incredible content for your business.

We carry out extensive customer research, so we can behave like chameleons and put ourselves in their shoes. What would we find interesting if we were them? Would we share this with our friends? This way, we can discover what sort of platforms and content will suit your audiences the most.

And, we’re always keeping a close eye on your competitors. We always want your business at the top of its game.

Content Marketing

Types of Content Marketing

Here are just a few examples of content that we love to create:

Copywriting - This could be anything from web copy, blog posts and press releases, to interviews and feature pieces. Our communications experts have the perfect balance between creativity and accuracy – you’ll never be bored reading something we’ve produced, and you’ll certainly never (ever) see a misused apostrophe!

Guides & eBooks - Our design team have years of experience making digital guides. Have a range of products you want to showcase on the web? Or, why not create a digital catalogue of services? The possibilities are endless, and we’ll use market-leading graphics and design materials to make your digital books and guides stand out.

Infographics & Visual Aids - They say a picture paints a thousand words. We agree. Looking to present data or new information in a user-friendly way? Then a professional infographic could be a perfect choice. Our exclusive team of designers will put together a bespoke design for your brand, so you can put across information in a fun and interesting way.

Video - More than 100 million people view an online video every day. It’s no surprise that it’s fast becoming an essential part of the marketing mix! We create professional videos for both YouTube and Vimeo to help you tap into the viral phenomenon. Let us produce an attention-grabbing centrepiece for your business, from the initial concept right through to production and editing.

At Mitra, we love to keep in touch with our clients, and we work together as a team. Need more help and fancy working with us? Then why not give us a call today, and we will arrange your free consultation.