Google’s New Adwords Feature – Callouts

Google’s New AdWords Feature – Callouts

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You know what makes you stand out from the competition, but does everyone else? The new AdWords feature from Google really helps show off a company’s unique benefits and offers – Callouts.

Callouts are an AdWords Extension, little enhancements for online ads in Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns. Extensions like Sitelinks have been an around for years. Callouts have been in a trial phase for around a year, but have now launched fully.

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Promote Your Unique Offers

They allow advertisers to shout out their unique offerings and stand out from the competition. They can highlight seasonal promotions, special offers, free delivery or any other eye-catching phrases.

Each Callout can have up to 25 characters, and ad can display up to four of them. Clearly this is a lot of extra retail estate for marketers to play with. They are displayed without taking up any precious ad character limits. This means that carefully written titles and descriptions can remain unchanged.

Callouts Help Ad Position

Making good use of Callouts can lead to an improved ad position on the Google search results page according to Ginny Marvin at Search Engine Land, as Callouts are factored in Ad Rank – Google’s formula for deciding advert positioning.

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They can also afford marketers plenty of flexibility. As Susan Waldes at The SEM Post explains, Callouts can be set up at various levels within the AdWords account, and don’t require existing ads to be changed as they are displayed automatically. However, because special offers can now be promoted using Callouts, this gives a lot more freedom for marketers writing descriptions on Ads.

Callouts are not links – clicking on them will not direct readers to a site. In this regard they are very different to Sitelinks, which direct users to relevant pages on the website. As a result, Callouts don’t require landing pages to be created, which means less work for your web developer. As Sitelinks and Callouts fulfil very different roles, both can be used for the same advert.

Google decides which Callouts to display, and where to display them, based on the Callout’s performance. This means it’s very important to create your Callouts very carefully, and make sure they complement existing advert copy.

A brief description of other AdWords Extensions:

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Callouts Need a Strong PPC Strategy

This means that establishing strong Callouts into your existing campaign can be very difficult, and you must have a well-defined PPC strategy in place. To see Google’s introduction to Callouts, click here.

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